Chatbots for E-Commerce Stores

There are so many things that can be done to improve your e-commerce store that it’s just overwhelming, right?

Well, let’s try to make it a bit simpler: focus on one of these 3 main objectives at a time, and you’ll be on the right path to consistently growing your business.

Oh right, a chatbot can help you with all these objectives…

Increase Traffic

A normal website traffic campaign’s objective is to get people to your site. Once they have visited and left, you can keep running re-targeting campaigns to get them back for as long as your budget allows.

On the other hand, if your campaign’s objective is to start a Messenger Conversation, a conversion means that you now have an open communications channel with that person. You can learn more about them and do segmentation, build a relationship, and will have multiple opportunities to drive traffic to your store.

Stop pushing ads and start to have conversations to see your traffic multiply.

Increase Conversions

Abandoned Cart Reminders

According to Shopify over 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned instead of purchased.

A simple abandoned cart solution, delivered through your chatbot, is up to 10x more effective than using email and can increase your overall sales by 10-15%.

When your customers add products to the shopping cart and don’t purchase after a certain time, they will get reminder messages on their Messenger. Add an incentive (like a small discount) and watch your sales grow even more.

This simple solution will have direct impact in your bottom line results.

Create a Relationship and Build Trust

A consumer needs, on average, 7 touches or interactions with your brand before being ready to purchase.

Your chatbot provides an open communications channel that your business can use to accelerate the process and nurture the customer relationship. Build your conversational funnel in a fun and interactive way and customers will be ready to purchase faster than ever before.

Increase your Customer’s Long Term Value (LTV)

Your customers already know and trust you, you should use that to your advantage and sell more to them!

A chatbot can help your business increase recurring sales in several manners…

How about adding a coupon on the thank you page, to be used on a future purchase? Deliver it through Messenger and you will be able to send reminders that get 80%+ open rates!

Or to take it a step further, we can develop an entire loyalty system running on your chatbot! You’ll be in touch with your best customers through the most effective communications channel around today.

Your chatbot is be the best way to continue in touch with your customers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors for your business.

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