Chatbots for Local Businesses

We get it, you only make money when your customers personally come to your store. Any kind of Digital Marketing your business does has to bring more people in, otherwise it’s a waste of time and effort.

That’s why our chatbot strategies for local businesses leverage the experience in-store with online activities to make sure your customer always remembers you and comes back more often.

Here are some of the ways a chatbot can help your business.

Reach More People

A chatbot is the perfect companion to your digital marketing strategy to get new people into your store. You can leverage the chatbot to start conversations with new potential customers, deliver coupons or promotions, and much more.

And since you will have your customer’s contact through Messenger, you can engage with them later in case they don’t redeem the offer or don’t visit your store.

Get your Customers to Come Back

There are several strategies that can be used to get your customers to come back more often, but we’d like to talk about one which gets particularly excellent results: Loyalty Programs.

Your entire Loyalty Program can run from your chatbot without need of having cards or complicated systems, making it easier and cheaper to deploy and use. And since you’re using the chatbot, you can use notifications to remind and incentivize your customers when they haven’t visited in a while.

A Loyalty Program chatbot will increase your customers’ Long Term Value, which means more revenue for your business.

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